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Prof. Martin King, NC State University, USA
The Contribution of Biotextiles to Human Health

Prof. Martin King

Prof. Vladan Koncar, Ensait, France
Textile Electronics – Flexible Circuits

Prof. Vladan Koncar

Prof. Urs Meier, Empa, Switzerland
R&D Needs for Advanced Fibrous Composites in Construction

Prof. Urs Meier

Prof. Thomas Scheibel, University Bayreuth, Germany
Inspired by Nature: Proteins as Biopolymers for Fiber Applications

Prof. Thomas Scheibel

Dr. Phillip Gibson, Natick, USA and
Dr. René Rossi,
Empa, Switzerland
Modeling of Thermal Comfort: From Microscale to Macroscale

Dr. Phillip Gibson

Dr. René Rossi

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